Andrea Gutierrez Jewelry is pleased to be collaborating with The Wild Beauty Foundation in an effort to support and contribute to the exemplary work the foundation has been doing to

“ Illuminate key issues wild and domestic horses are facing today while bringing the therapeutic world of horses, and the values they represent, to children and families. Through the power of their unique entertainment platform, WBF is devoted to launching film series, educational programs, Ambassador Horse “meet and greets,” advocacy campaigns, and also rescuing horses in need.”

For every WBF Horse pendant (large and small) the WBF Cufflinks and WBF key chain, AGJ will donate 20% of each sale to the foundation.  We offer these pieces in a wide range of prices and metals /available exclusively through Andrea Gutierrez Jewelry


To learn more about the work they are doing please go to their website:

Andrea Gutierrez Jewelry is happy and proud to be partnering with THF in an effort to support and contribute to the exemplary work the foundation has been doing, for the past 25 years. For every heart sold, AGJ will donate 10% to THF.

THF has been advocating for education, early detection and prevention of heart disease, which continues to be the number one cause of death for women and men in the United States.

Have you ever noticed that hearts are everywhere? When you’re on a walk, running errands, or sitting at your desk, you’ll notice a heart where you’d least expect to find one. We believe that these #hiddenhearts are powerful signs, telling us to take care of our health: Take the stairs, grab a glass of water, get some quality sleep. We all need a reminder every once in a while.

When you wear our heart you are the #hiddenheart sign